HOPS is a small team of experienced business solutions experts with a strong track record, both individually and as a team, in bringing transformative change to companies of all sizes in many sectors.

We mobilise and motivate businesses to bring about real change with our personal and practical approach, combining experience, passion and knowledge. Our experience stretches across many business areas such as IT, Finance, HR, Operations, Outsourcing and Customer service. We work hand in hand with our clients to achieve business goals and also work with other companies that are already planning improvements on their behalf, such as the Big Five. We aim to build sound business relationships with integrity and the offering of unbiased advice.

Our passion is to understand your objectives and goals, and to ensure that each assignment is set up to succeed.

Dawn Tumbridge

Dawn is the founder of Hands On Project Solutions Limited, helping businesses become more profitable, grow and retain talent by transformation and transition.

Zah Cherry

Zah is an experienced Senior Business Solution Architect & Deputy Programme Director  with proven success in getting programmes which had previous serious challenges to delivery back on track.

Complexity to Simplicity is our Mission

We are passionate about delivering cost effective results for our clients, blending into their culture and going the extra mile to prove we really are different from the rest.

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