Engaging With Your Team
How We Engage

At HOPS we believe in making engagement simple but with a purpose. The purpose in itself can be an exploratory discussion, a particular business problem or a highly sensitive issue for resolution.

We treat all engagements with clients as highly sensitive in nature and respect all confidentiality.



Each proposal is unique to the business. We assess and test the brief across the business from people and culture to existing processes, policy and governance.

Assessment paves the way for new and innovative solutions as well as quick win-win suggestions.



We listen and talk again at this stage, now with detailed proposals to discuss. We want to ensure we have understood all your needs, vision and requirements.

Understanding ensures all concerns can be aired, leaving no stone unturned.



With clear requirements defined in line with your vision, we plan the new and innovative solutions to respond to your business needs.

Preparing a unique programme of work, we start to build a comprehensive plan; challenging yet effective and practical.



To implement the programme, we combine our skills and talents, along with other specialists in an open culture with clear communication between all parties.

Implementing includes development, review and refinement of the programme design. We are always looking to maximise resource efficiency and add value to your business.



We always aim to develop the unique answer to the unique question that comes from your business needs.

Embedding ensures that everything is clearly defined and documented so plans can be communicated business wide.

Starting With The End In Mind

One of the most concerning questions we address from our Clients is: “What will we be left with once you have completed the assignment and taken out the experts?”

HOPS start all their assignments with the “End in Mind”, our aim is to start building capability from day one and give clients the opportunity to use internal resources along the journey to reduce costs.

Our clients relish this aspect as they feel in control and know they will not always have to totally rely on a third party. HOPS model changes to continually align to the evolving client situation.

We keep it simple as possible for our clients to do business with us and put lots of effort into building lasting relationships.

For a free no obligation consultation in complete confidence.