How HOPS can help?

HOPS is a small team of experienced programme and change management specialists with a strong track record individually, and as a team, in bringing transformative change to companies in all sectors.


Many organisations know they need to do something and it needs to be done urgently. When change begins it generates numerous ideas and starts to feel like a maze without a map. The daily plate spinning to keep operations delivering to your customers will divert focus to tactical solutions and you find yourself compromising your strategic objectives which leads to your business solutions becoming ever more disparate.

  • Day to Day stops you delivering projects.
  • You want to make a change but just don’t know where to start or how best to approach it.
  • Business Processes do not hang together.
  • Continual implementation of piecemeal solutions over strategic solutions.
  • Bring together the ideas from different stakeholders and build the right focus to meet your goals.
  • Clarity on business priorities and remove showstoppers.
  • Deliver Portfolios with solid relationship to business benefits and contribute to the achievement of Goals.
  • Build a solid Business Architecture to pinpoint problem areas and propose solutions (Target Operating Model) to create End to End business benefits.
  • Picture of clarity for decision making for when to allow tactical change, what to stop and what to position as strategic change.

As with most organisations there is only ever a degree of certainty about the future and this generates a level of fear about “Are we doing the right projects?” and “Are we doing them right?”. Even with all the doubts you know that you have to prepare for the future, standing still is not an option. You desire the need to “STOP, “GO” and “SLOW” on projects without losing investment and maintaining motivation of your teams.

  • Projects do not realise expected benefits.
  • Path to delivering projects is unclear.
  • We need to work differently to support growth.
  • We need capability injection to deliver our initiatives.
  • Build the right business triggers to support the “STOP”, “GO”, and “SLOW” Decisions.
  • Manage effective communications with the stakeholders.
  • Build clear measurable benefit profiles, and success factors for realisation.
  • Produce the right View-points based on robust plans with resources.
  • Provide exposure to the “Art of the Possible” in the marketplace and raise awareness.
  • Safe environment to test ideas.
  • Harness internal talent from the client, bolster with carefully selected external experts and inject energy into teams.

There are well meaning employees who are furnishing you with reams of information to make a decision or to provide direction. It feels like you cannot see the Wood for the Trees. The information received is tailored to a situation and the impact of this decision is far reaching. The white noise surrounding you is not giving you the full picture. There is a real danger of projects slipping because the information received is conflicting – what do you believe?

Deciphering between White Noise, Resistance to Change and actual need, requires information to be presented in a way that can be understood by all.

  • IT Services are creaking and the business users frustrated.
  • No clear and concise picture to support decisions.
  • Conflicting information held with different stakeholders.
  • Unable to stop projects slipping and runaway investment.
  • Facing resistance to change even though it will improve employees lives.
  • Challenge and understand the picture and provide the detail that is imperative to the decision required.
  • Cut out the noise and provide focused assessments for decision makers to take action.
  • Same information but cut into meaningful View-points for stakeholders to make sound decisions.
  • Project Assurance and early sight of problem identification supported by problem solving and solution forming.
  • Change techniques for Individuals, Teams and the Organisation to help them through the journey.

Find out how to separate the reality and the noise in your business and focus your resources on addressing the real issues.

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